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Shravan Month 2014 – Sawan Somvar


2014 Sawan Somwar , Shravan Month 2014, 13 July 25 August Saavan mahina Bhagwan Shiva


Shravan When the rains descend the Earth, when the stars are scarce, when the sky is covered with the dark and dense clouds, you can tell that Savaan has finally knocked. Bringing a huge relief from the heat and the dust, Sawaan is the most awaited time of the year.The month of Shravan, popularly known as Sawan, is the fifth month of the Hindu calender. Shravan is considered the holiest month of the year. Not only humans but all the animals also wait for the first splash of rain. There is nothing more enchanting than an unexpected rain, while you are going about your daily business. Savan will begin on 13rd July 2013 and will last till 25st August. Sawan is the month of devotion, purity and love. In Hindu calendar Shravan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Whole month is considered auspicious to seek blessing of Lord Shiva.The month of Sawan represents long awaited delight, fun and relief. The month of Sawan holds a special significance in Hinduism. Savan brings with it a horde of festivals like Nag Panchmi, Rakhsha Bandhan, Shavani Purnima and many more. Let us know in detail the significance of Somvar in Savan.



The Mondays or Somwar in Shravan month is dedicated to worship of Shiva. People make it a point to visit Shiva temples on Sawan Mondays .

Chaturthi Vrat or Sankashti Ganesh Chaturti in Shravan Month 2014 is on July 15. The Chandrodaya or Moonrise time as per North Indian calendars is 9:09 PM.


Shravan Month 2014 Krishna and Shukla Paksha

Shravan Month Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) is from July 13 to July 26.
Shravan Month Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) is from July 27 to August 10.

Shravan Mahina Ekadasi Vrat in North India

Kamika Ekadasi – July 22, 2014
Pavitra Ekadasi – August 7, 2014

Shravan Mahina Pradosh Vrat in North India

Pradosh – July 24

Pradosh – August 8


Shravan Amavasi in Hindi Panchang in North India

Amavasya is on July 26, 2014.
The Amavasi begins at  AM on July 25, 2014 and ends at  AM on  July 26, 2014.


Shravan Purnima
Purnima is on August 10, 2014. The Purnima Vrat is marked on August 10.
The Purnima begins at  on August 9 and ends at  on August 10.


Festivals and auspicious days in Shravan Mahina 2014

Hariyali Amavasya – July 26

Hariyali Teej – July 29

Kalki Jayanti – August 1

Nag Panchami – August 1

Tulsi Das Jayanti – August 3

Raksha Bandan – August 10



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