Jai Bhole Nath

Har Har Mahadev

Shiv Mandir, Regan Road Brampton


Mandir was established on October 15, 1995 to serve the needs of a growing Hindu population in Brampton. it is situated at 16 Regan Road. Unit 44. Brampton. Ontario. Canada. Leader Shrimaan Satnarine Bhansingh has enshrined his vision of a Mandir where freedom of worship comes with Prayer, Peace and Prosperity. Currently Mandir serves as place of worship, propagation of Hindu culture and a community meeting place for all. With strong leadership, spiritual guidance and a vibrant Kirtan group.Over the years the Shiva Ganesh Mandir has hosted numerous religious events and Holi & Diwali celebrations and has been host to over 200 religious leaders and dignitaries from Canada and around the world. Participation is at the heart of everything that happens at the Mandir. Whether it is by volunteering to prepare food,performing Pooja or singing Kirtan, the participation of the members and attendees of the Mandir is what makes it a very special place.
The temple is a place of worship for all ages, and our children are given the opportunity to lead ensuring a good future for our country and our Dharma. The leaders are committed to various community projects assisting those who are sick, needy and less fortunate.
Mandir is a place where devotees can escape solitude, find support and become part of an energetic organization where Prayer, Peace and Prosperity prevails.



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